Saturday, July 15, 2017

I love to imagine there’s one dude asleep in the back seat.

Air dropping Humvees from a C-17, at night.


  1. This is from a cartoon I once saw, that I'm unable to find again:

    "I don't care how many skydives you have, until you step out of a plane into pitch black darkness at 800 feet with 100 pounds of gear and 40 pounds of parachute, you ain't Airborne!"

  2. The three weeks of training at the Jump School at Fort Benning, Georgia, with its emphasis on safety, is far more thorough and intensive than anything taught by a civilian skydiving course.

  3. When I was in they never combined troops with could get ugly with bad locks or bad rig. I did a night jump in full moon and fog on the looked like dropping into a big pillow until you were in the fog. You got into a plf position when you could hear the guys next to you grunting as they hit the ground. indyjonesouthere