Sunday, August 14, 2011

Well, now that there are some apples that are picked, gotta so something with them, so here they are cored, sliced and boiling on the stove.  Yes, right beside them is a fresh loaf of shepherd's bread that the wife asked me to "whip up" this afternoon.  The apples are next destined for the blender, which with a roar will turn them into apple sauce.  I like to add a bit of vanilla at that stage to give the sauce an extra kick.  I will repeat this until I am too tired to do it any longer, but we will have a nice stash of apple sauce that usually lasts well into wintertime.  

Here is the shepherd's bread in its last seconds of being intact.  Right behind me as I was taking this photo was the 17 year old, knife in hand and ready to cut out a slice.

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