Monday, June 6, 2011

This weekend I took an old rusty cast iron skillet that had been found in the garage, spiderwebs and all,  and applied the electrolysis technique to get the rust off with out sanding or grinding.   I found a description of the process on the web here, and scrounged up all the needed items in the garage and barn. Below is a photo of the really deplorable condition of this old Griswold number 8 skillet.

Above is the mess all set up in a tub, and ready to be submerged in the correct solution.  Notice that the anode I am using is an old pitchfork head!  Nothing like finding a use for the old antique.  Less than 24 hours later, out it came quite clean.  I am still incredulous that this worked the first time, given that all the gear was scrounged up in the garage and barn.  
Below is the same skillet after the first seasoning this morning.  What a transformation!  Now, no rusty thing is safe from me!

Final seasoning with tasty bacon!   Yes!


  1. Okay I give up, what is the process of removing the rust without scouring?


  3. Thanks for the link :) that worked out great!!