Saturday, September 4, 2010

While the wife was off at a track meet with the other two kids, my youngest daughter and I decided to venture into the Tahoe Sierra for a bit of hiking.

There were still plenty of wild flowers on display, but at the same time it was clear that summer was waning and many had passed the prime of their bloom.

Here was our farthest penetration into the wilds. We had to turn here so we could be sure to make it back to the car before dark.
At one point there was a big pile of bear ejecta on the trail, and we couldn't help but take a humorous photo. Just off the trail was a wet draw with lots of thick water loving bushes. Clearly the bear that did this business was holed up right in that perfect (for bears) habitat. I have no doubt that he could hear us talk and giggle while we took our picture of his scat.
All in all, not a dramatic hike like the one to Winnemucca Lake, but at about seven miles it was a good workout in the fresh air, and we had good clean fun ..... if you can call the above clean fun!

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  1. It looks beautiful...will have to put that down as a "to be done" j