Saturday, September 18, 2010

In April 2008, The Orange County Register published a bombshell of an investigation about a license plate program for California government workers and their families.

Or, how government bureaucrats who start out as public servants quickly become our masters.

Second, back when Jerry Brown was governor, he signed into law the right for government workers to unionize, and to then naturally trade their votes for raises and other benefits. This sort of thing happened all over the country, and now, having traded our state and nation's financial health and future for a few votes, the financial consequences have come around and cannot be escaped. As in the video above, once summoned, the evil cannot be avoided, or ignored.

Now, their salaries and benefits and retirement pay is locked in so that the tax payers must pay if the government cannot. And it is increasingly obvious that it cannot. Tax payers, already straining to pay for their own health care, retirements, and house payments, are in no mood to pay more.

It's a titanic collision in store for us, and I'm not sure if there are any lifeboats.

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