Saturday, April 24, 2010

According to the leaders of the Democratic Party, the Tea Party protesters are racists, Nazis, terrorists and, according to Harry Reid, evil mongers. Yet none of the thousands of Tea Party protesters have engaged in any violence, nor has their rhetoric been in any way violent. In contrast, the fake and astroturfed "Coffee Party" immediately rejects the idea of reasonable dialogue, and expresses hate for the Tea Party. In addition, they instantly decide to reject the gal who organized this group, angling for a more angry, radical leader.
The Democrats are playing with fire, and don't have the sense to know better. Some have said that the administration wants violence, so they can forcefully crack down on their political enemies, using the power of the state. If that happens, this country and its political system will forever be changed for the worse. Our election of this monstrous president will forever be seen as a sort of Rubicon, one that will leave the country in much worse condition, much more divided and much more prone to political violence. The 52% have a lot to answer for.

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