Monday, January 25, 2010

The police chief in New York City points the boney finger of blame directly at the O. Could the Democrats have done anything more in the heart of Democratic New York to ensure that Chuck you Schumer gets thrown out next election?

On a related note, could they have set themselves up any better to be blamed for the next high impact terrorist attack? From holding the trial of KSM in the City, to Mirandizing the Knickerbomber after only 50 minutes of interrogation, to kowtowing to the king of Saudi Arabia, to apologizing for America all over the Muslim world, it's a comedy of feckless errors that will guarantee that if the Muslims are indeed successful in a major attack, the people will turn and take it out on Democrats in ways that may go beyond the ballot box. Maybe thats part of what all the retiring Democrats see coming. Maybe thats why the smart ones are jumping off the train so they can get themselves under the radar before the storm hits.
If I were a Dem politician and had O's ear, I would speak forcefully to this issue. This idiotic behavior by the party in power has the potential to result in a fatal blow to their ability to get elected, perhaps forever, and to boot it is a totally needless risk to take. I see no political downside what so ever to being at least as tough on the terrorist types as GWB, and there is indeed some benefit to being even tougher.
If the Muslims attack big time and successfully on Obama's watch, the country will almost certainly, after O's series of frankly stupid acts as listed, deem Democrats untrustworthy with the country's security, and to blame for whatever damage the terrorists inflict. It could be the end for them, and I'm not sure anyone in charge sees it coming.


  1. It's the inertia of Bush Derangement Syndrome running on years after...whatever Bush did, it was wrong, so Obama has to do the precise opposite, even if it puts the country in danger.

  2. Thanks for linking to my piece at! It's nice to see the story soaring into the blogosphere.