Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In this Charlie Rose interview it is claimed that President Obama complained that "the press is against me." Delusional if true. The only reason he got elected was the press's conscious turning away from his inexperience, his seedy associations with Ayers and Rev. Wright, and his lack of real accomplishment. No need to spend significant time on Matthew's leg tingle or Brooks sartorial love of the crease of his pants to illustrate the point.
If Obama had been given the same treatment any Republican gets, and especially the hate that was spewed daily toward President Bush, he might have a different perspective on this.


And since election he has indeed been treated as some sort of transformational figure, beyond real criticism. Now, when the softball questions start to get the least zing, or curve out of the strike zone even ever so slightly, we get this whine. Judging by the reception to his plan to freeze spending on a tiny slice of the budget, which supposedly will be front and center in the SOTU, he better get used to a tougher league, but still one that would be little better than the neighborhood little league to any Republican. God help the Chocolate Jesus if he ever had to take the Republican treatment.
I predict that the disillusionment with him will push the press well in that direction by the end of this year at the latest. There is nothing like the wrath of a lover scorned (Matthews/Brooks et al). It will be mightily interesting to see how he handles the press then.

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