Monday, September 11, 2017

Working High

Google image search had nothing on this.  Anyone know where it is?


  1. Obviously out west somewhere, maybe on the Willamette?

    1. Certainly looks like Oregon, but I think that's a lake, not the Willamette River.

  2. For sure, 1950"s coast of British Columbia. Building wooden decks for the engines to run the spar for high lead logging went out by the 1960's. That type of hard hat disappeared by then too. The rest of the scene might have included a wooden spar . The picture tells a story. The pants were worn short to stop the brush from catching on the pants. The leather caulk boots were essential for working on the logs and hustling around in the bush. Different world and different work ethic. Working in the bush was very tough in those days.

  3. Looks like the area around Lake Crescent between Forks and Port Angeles. The cloths, boots and hats are still in use, I have a bunch of Five Brothers shirts myself and caulk boots are very necessary.

  4. It could be many areas in the Northwest but I am thinking possibly Detroit Lake up the Santiam.