Monday, September 11, 2017

Farmer expelled from farmer's market for expressing his views on same sex marriage. Hard to believe this can happen in America

All it took to earn the government’s wrath was penning a social media post about his faith.
Last December, Tennes, who owns the Country Mill Orchard and Cider Mill in Charlotte, wrote a Facebook post explaining his family’s Catholic views on marriage, and how their deeply held beliefs are why his farm won’t host same-sex weddings.
The city’s response — banning him from its farmers market — reminded the former Marine of the time he spent near the border of North Korea. Tennes could see into the country, and it impacted him how people there live their entire lives in fear of the government.
That’s how he felt when he got the letter from East Lansing.

Behold the crime thinking apple farmer and his family.  These people are most certainly an enormous threat to society for what they believe.  Destroy them!!

All the other farmers at the market should withdraw in protest, whether they agree with his position or not, lest one more totalitarian prone government agency crushes someone for crime think.  Today, it's this guy, tomorrow it will be you.
Disagree with his position on this all you want, but respond to speech you don't agree with with more speech, with argument.  If you think he is so clearly wrong, then it should be an easy job to refute his logic.
If you can't refute him, then the left will shut him up with punishment - to hades with his constitutional rights.
Further, it seems to me that this is the left's modus operandi everywhere on these social issues.  Specifically, they convince the normals to agree to tolerate deviancy in the name of "live and let live," and then once there is consensus to tolerate, they hammer those who don't agree by depriving them of their jobs, expose them to social ridicule, and deprive them of their first amendment rights.  
If it was just about tolerance and shrugging shoulders at the behavior of others, then maybe that wouldn't be so bad, but that isn't what it has become.  
Resist the left's position and you deserve all punishments except, for now, imprisonment.  That, however, is likely coming, if the left follows their historical pattern.  
It's high time for normal people to wake up to this plan and fight back.  The city of East Lansing should be sued hard for all damages and for strong penalties to deter them from depriving a citizen of his/her constitutional rights. 
No more tolerance for this kind of thing.  It's pure Totalitarian behavior, and these evil people won't stop until they create a reign of terror against all they disapprove of. 


  1. YES!, and thank you.

    I couldn't have said it better, and I've tried.

  2. Insane, and very likely unconstitutional. Those that follow islam hold much the same views, and would never be targeted by the left.

    I'd not stand for such, and neither should he. I wonder if he has also been disarmed by his local or state government?

  3. I think city hall will burn if one uses enough gasoline, even in east lancing.

  4. Further, a friend suggests that Steve Tennes contact the Becket Fund, a non-profit which makes a specialty of defending religious freedom.