Sunday, November 27, 2016

When I heard that Hillary was reneging on her concession, I thought...

Actually, this decision to recount confuses me.  I hold that it is politically stupid, as no one really believes it will change the result, and most Americans want this election in particular to be over, not to be drawn out painfully.

Even if it changes the result, many people wouldn't accept it, believing, perhaps correctly, that the Clinton's had once again engineered a recount scam to snatch the presidency back from Trump.
 That's a great way to, at the very least, seriously enflame the political divide in the country, and at worst set off a civil war.  Consider that the leftists are threatening electors with violence if they don't vote for Clinton, and the Democrats are doing nothing at all to discourage this behavior.

If they will do that, why wouldn't they cheat to steal the election through a fixed recount?

Also, it's clear that Jill Stein has no hope of success in any recount, so unless she is doing this to scam money out of folks to fund her future political career (very possible), she can only be seen as a likely stooge for the Democrats and Hillary to pursue another shot at stealing the election.  Not smart, not cool.

At this point, Trump has to believe that the Clintons have a plan that they have put in place and are activating, and which requires a vigorous response from him to protect the election's results.  We'll see what, if anything, he does.  

From a larger perspective, virtually no one wants to drag this out, and no one except the true ideologues wants the trouble that a change in result will cause.  Not a good image to project for the Democrats.  Not a constructive message to send.  

I believe they are further damaging their brand with these actions.  I guess that's a silver lining of sorts.  


  1. I guess that's a silver lining of sorts.

    Good point.

  2. They really do have a plan here. You have to understand that everyone involved in this "recount" scam is a communist or a member of a communist front organization. This "recount" serves with the propaganda organs of the far left to destroy faith in the election proses. This "election" was the 1960's hard left's last chance to destroy America. Most of them are near 80 years old and for people in the Clinton mafia this is the last go round. The good side of all this is: We will probably never see another "super commie" like Obama or Clinton hold high office out side Calf. again in our lifetime. That is the whole reason---Rancor, base revenge and bitter hate.---Ray

    1. I hear now that Jill Stein is a frequent visitor on RT, the Russian government owned news network. Hmmm.

  3. Two things I've seen concerning this:

    1. The recount effort doesn't have to produce a different result, all it has to do is prevent the result from being certified by the date the Electoral College votes occur. That prevents Trump from reaching 270, and throws it to the House. I presume they're hoping that enough of the Republicans won't be able to bring themselves to vote for Trump, or that enough of them are vulnerable to pressure.

    2. Jill Stein missed the deadline for a recount in Pennsylvania. She's apparently taking it to court, but some are claiming that this, along with her campaign's antipathy to having the Hillary campaign join them in the recount effort, indicate that it was a scam to raise money to pay off the Green Party's expenses.

    1. I certainly like the latter more than the former.