Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Art of Speed - Renault 2016 Trezor Concept


  1. I'll take two - one for me and one for my buddy, CW.

    1. And we'll taunt the Highway Patrol as we whiz by.

    2. Faster than a speeding (ticket) bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap small buildings with a single bound.

  2. Very impressive! Looks like Renault have changed a lot, and for the better!

    My memories of them stem from a friend that had one back in the early 60's: when I tried to get into it, the passenger doorhandle came off in my hand. Later, another Renault took me and several other guys up to a mountain camp, and every curve was an adventure: the rear wheels were cambered out to extremes, and the car would bottom out on the smallest bump. Corners were a series of zig-zags, with the steering wheel spinning from side to side. It was a miracle we arrived intact, and I refused to return the same way, but went back in a much more reliable Ford Woody (which I lusted after, both then and now.)

    Back then, I would only have recommended a Renault to someone I hated!