Friday, November 25, 2016

More Democrats abandon their sinking party

Hopefully, they will end up like the Socialists, fragmented and bickering with each other over ideology no one in the real world cares about.

Hey, let's elect Keith Ellison to lead the DNC!  A brilliant choice if you want an even more radical party, that advocates more extreme positions, which will in turn turn off and alienate even more voters. Do it, Democrats, do it!

Arkansas Online reports:

State Rep. David Hillman of Almyra announced his switch to the Republican Party on Tuesday weeks after being re-elected to his third term as a Democrat, solidifying the GOP's "supermajority" control of Arkansas' lower house.
Republicans picked up nine seats in the 100-member House on Election Day and then padded their lead the next day when then-Democratic Rep. Jeff Wardlaw of Hermitage announced his party switch.
With Hillman's announcement, Republicans now control 75 seats in the House and have the three-fourths majority needed to pass appropriations bills without any support from Democrats. 


  1. That's a big brick in the wall.

  2. Or it is just an opportunist trying to make himself a better nest.....

    Turncoats and all that

  3. SShhhhh on Ellison. He will show the diversity that the Dems love and that they think we all should as well. GO kind of DNC chairperson

  4. I'm very pessimistic when it comes to the democrat party. I think they will survive anything short of the Judgement Day.
    Could this supposed disarray, be a smoke screen for their launch of a "new democratic party"? One that is supposedly "more receptive to the hoi polloi"?