Friday, November 18, 2016

Flashy, but there are so many ways for dirt to get in there that it's silly

Heck, you can see the trigger mechanism through a big gaping hole.


  1. That is darn cool. Skeletonized lowers work fine. An argument can be made for the fact that dirt and debris don't stay, but instead that it's "self cleaning".

  2. Sure, it's "pretty", but does it hunt? My guess is it would beat itself to death before that drum is empty.

  3. Very space age, but not my cuppa tea. I much prefer walnut furniture, with case-hardened steel and some brass. Maybe some tasteful engraving.

    Now BBQ guns can be fancy, but even then I'd just go for more engraving, maybe some gold & silver and a jewel or two; maybe some ivory or bone.

    Yah, I'm old-fashioned! Guns get better with age, I reckon. (I get better with age too; at least that's what I tell that old guy in the mirror.)