Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Elfwick, you glorious basterd.

Troll level: Master.

Godfrey has a full-length article in the Guardian titled: ‘Alt-right’ online poison nearly turned me into a racist. 
It's a classic, and the Guardian bought it hook, line and sinker, as they were meant to.

An example of the Master's tweets, to illustrate the skill, the wordsmithery, and the shame richly deserved by the Guardian for being so easily fooled.


  1. I ain't real bright, I admit . However this post has me really confused. Is Mr. Elf wick being sarcastic, or is he serious and your approval sarcastic. Or are you both sincere and I have missed the boat all together. I apologize for being so obtuse, but it is driving me crazy!

  2. You arent alone James. I am having difficulty myself. We are living the theatre of the absurd.

  3. He's parodying them and their silly beliefs, but doing it so well that they don't see it, and publish his mocking as serious writing.