Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A U.S. Marine CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter shot down by anti-aircraft fire on October 25, 1983 during the American invasion of Grenada, aka Operation Urgent Fury.

Shot down in paradise.


  1. The Cuban AAA was effective at times. The US effort was poorly led.

    I knew MM1 Ken Butcher, HT1 Steve Morris, Sr Chief Bob Schamberger and QM1 Kevin Lundberg, all of whom died (for nothing) during the invasion of Grenada. They followed poorly conceived orders and died doing their duty. RIP, brothers in the Frog Family.

    1. Operational delays led to a night time insertion during a very high sea state and horribly high surf. One of two C-130s missed its drop zone and they inserted into an area where their bodies were pounded to pulp in the surf. None of their remains were recovered. The officer who green-lighted the operation was not cashiered as some recommended, and he didn't have the balls to shoot himself in the head or even stand in front of a train...pussy.

  2. I'm not sure this helo was shot down. I was in it when it went down, if you have questions. I was the RTO for CoC 2/75th Rangers. I think it may have hit a palm tree. I remember it going down further off from show and the body rolling in the ways just alittle. The Water was also deeper. It may have struck the palm tree after it hit the water.