Friday, December 21, 2012

Surprise!  The amount of money the state of California is able to steal away through taxes from the productive continues to drop, even after passing a tax increase.

Jerry Brown and his kind continue their destructive path of Detroitization of the once Golden State.

Read the comments in that article.  There is a sea of people planning to leave, and somewhere I saw that the number of real taxpayers here is very few, less than 150,000 folks in a state with about 15 million residents. It won't take too many leaving to crush the money stream flowing from the producers to the moochers.

After watching with horror as California voters passed imbecilic laws like the tax increase, and the bullet train, and voting to return the hyper destructive Jerry Brown and his Democrats to every statewide office, I wonder now how long it can be before there is complete collapse.  When will even the parasites see that it requires a healthy economy to support the lazy and illegal?

Too bad I get to stick around to see it.


  1. I'll be settin' on the porch with ya buddy.

  2. I wonder how long befroe the celebs who supported the taxes start to flee to ruin another state...

  3. I'm glad you guys are stayin there. All the socialistic pussies that brought this down on the state of CA are bailin to places like AZ and TX and bringin their socialistic baggage along with em! I'd love to fence them in and make them suck it up...they made it, they should have to exist in it! See if you can direct them onto a slow boat to the southern hemisphere somewhere!......then kick the rest of the libs out and start over!

    1. Danne, the state is surprisingly conservative everywhere but on the coasts. Unfortunately, that's where the votes are, and there is nothing we can do about it until (in my opinion) it all crashes down and somebody gets to start over again. Might even be necessary nationwide, who knows. Lou and I, and plenty of others, will be there to mop up the mess and start the building process from the ground up. This time, we will have to structure the government to keep the moochers and takers disenfranchised, so they can't tear stuff up again.