Saturday, December 8, 2012

Great Saturday morning reading over at the Diplomad today.  A snippet:

He had a rifle, either a Belgian FN FAL or an Israeli Galil, dangling off his right shoulder. He suddenly tried to raise it, but he stood too close to our car; the long rifle hit the door. Mr. Baseball Cap took a step back: unfortunately for him, not a big enough step. I had the gun in my right hand hanging down between my body and the door; I leaned left as far as the shoulder belt would allow, almost into JTM, and raised the Colt. Then things happened very fast. I am not sure in what order. JTM restarted the car and I killed the guy; or maybe, I killed the guy and JTM started the car. I don’t know. I do know that I  raised the pistol, leaned right again, my head partly out the window, and pushed the gun to about two inches from Mr. Baseball Cap's chest. He glanced down at the pistol, then looked up at me, his eyes wide open, his mouth agape. He froze. I fired three times. A pinkish arterial mist blew back into my face, covering my sunglasses, as well as my hand, gun, and shirt. The guy lurched a bit, but stayed upright. He then seemed to take a step, more of a stumble, towards us just as the Suzuki popped into reverse, its outside rear view mirror clipping him with a thud. JTM later said that the mirror hit him before I fired. Given the confusion, JTM might be right; I just remember it the other way. Either way, I definitely don’t remember seeing him after that but assume he went down.

And the comments are just about as good.  A snippet:

I hear you! Today I backed the monster hitch on the back of my duramax diesel into a Prius with "2012" and "Yes We Did" stickers displayed on its hatchback door. After confirming that no one saw me inflict the damage (and it was not insignificant), I drove off, spewing CO2.
BTW: This may or may not have happened!

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