Thursday, December 13, 2012

Don't call Obama lazy, cause that would be rayciss!!

An administration official said the White House is hosting more than 25 holiday parties this month. A White House spokesman wouldn’t confirm that number but said the president and first lady are hosting parties for “volunteers, members of Congress, White House staff, Secret Service personnel, White House reporters and Americans from across the country.” In all, about 14,000 people will attend a White House party or reception this holiday season.

That is in addition to playing three rounds of golf since November 21st, and meeting only once with House Speaker Boehner, and with only three weeks left until the country goes over the fiscal cliff.

Laser focus, right there in the White house.  Disgusting.


  1. I have heard commentary that Obama wants to go over the cliff. He then gets what he wants, gets to be the hero fixing the problems he created...plausible.

    1. Yeah Mike, I'm torn on the cliff. I personally believe Obama wants to cut the whole "America" thing down to size, and he thinks going over the cliff will do it. On the other hand, the government's overspending is so extreme that something like the cliff is the only thing that will ever even move things towards balance. Who knows, but we are about to find out early next year.