Tuesday, December 11, 2012

California, the state that has perhaps the most impressive climate and natural beauty than any other, is losing 100,000 people a year in population.

Really, the progressives in government have accomplished something that has to be admired.  Depopulating the best place to live on Earth.  I wonder what they will do to us next year?  After the 52% combined Fed/state income tax rate, that is.  Added to property taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes, car registration, and now probably carbon taxes, of course.  Can't let the plebs keep any of the money they make, could they?

After all, government knows how to spend it much better, and more progressively.  Texas?  Phhhew!

Ok, rant over for now.


  1. The problem with all them Calif. fucks leaving is they're moving to AZ, TX, ID with their socialistic baggage! They built it, fence the place off and make them stay there!

  2. @Danne, you stole my thunder, I live in AZ, and fuckers from over there are ruining this state. They vote in socialists their whole lives and when they can not stand or afford to live under their tyranny anymore they move here and vote for the same type of assholes they moved to get away from over there. Its like a freakin mental disease with these people.

    1. My wife knows a woman who is a rabid liberal, so bad that she would de-friend anyone who contested her unwholesome Obama love. Her husband's job got sent to Colorado, so guess where she took her poison?