Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another sign of the coming apocalypse.  A Swiss mint is now selling credit card sized bars of gold, that are divided into one gram sections that can be easily broken off to pay for smaller purchases.  Apparently this is very popular in Europe right now, and the plan is to introduce them here and in India.

It is a sign of the growing unease in the value of fiat money of any kind, and that people are going back to traditional stores of wealth.  Given the amount of debt that the current administration has loaded onto the backs of the American people, it seems inevitable that the government will be printing, and thereby encouraging inflation and the destruction of the value of the greenback.  The only time tested insurance against that is the traditional stores of value.


  1. Replies
    1. It couldn't hurt to get a few.

    2. It would depend on how much they 'cost' - they might be a hedge on inflation but gold and silver only have 'value' as long as people say they do. Lead would always come in first since if I was a lyin' thievin' criminal (eeek I just described CONgress!) I could use my lead to forcibly take your gold or silver.

    3. Exactly. Probably one of the most tradable and valuable items in a TEOTWAWKI situation would be a box of .22 shells. Land, booze and any useful skill, like welding or plumbing, would also be very valuable. The only question is how long would the situation last before someone re organized. That in my opinion is the real question, and the real issue that people should be preparing for, since the future would depend on how and on what terms society reorganized.