Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Flyby - the Zero

My dad saw plenty of these from the bridge of a U S Navy warship in WWII.  He was a radar operator,  a high tech position in those days.

In fact, he saw a kamakazi crash into the bridge of the ship right in front of his and kill everyone.  He always said that he only survived the war due to that pilot's choice of which ship to crash into.


  1. the code of bushido,no parachute,no armor plate behind the seat,no self sealing gas tanks and no rescue if you went down no raft and no shark they aint your friend truckwilkins

  2. My father was on the USS Hazelwood (DD 531), a Fletcher Class Destroyer on radar picket duty off Okinawa during the amphibious landings there when a kamikaze struck his ship. Well over half of the crew died in the attack.

  3. Which ship was your dad on? My father in law was a radar tech on CVL 28, USS Cabot and saw many of the kamakizi attacks close up.


  4. Yea CW, I didn't know your dad was a tar. Not sayin' you didn't tell me, just that I didn't know. I've had a lot of birthdays.....