Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I want you to try to wrap your intellect around this concept:  The laws must be enforced, and government officials do not have discretion to choose to not enforce laws they don't like.

It appears Janet Napolitano is getting that message from a federal judge.

What?  I have to obey the law??  Racists!!

  "Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano does not have the authority to refuse to enforce laws that require illegal immigrants to face deportation, according to the federal judge hearing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement union’s lawsuit against DHS.
“The court finds that DHS does not have discretion to refuse to initiate removal proceedings [when the law requires it],” U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor said today, per Business Week. O’Connor asked DHS and the ICE union to offer additional arguments before he makes a final ruling on the legality of President Obama’s “deferred action on childhood arrivals” (DACA) program, which invoked prosecutorial discretion as a means of allowing people to stay in the country if they would have qualified for amnesty under the DREAM Act, which never passed through Congress."

A nation of laws, not of men.  What an idea!  The Stalinists in power now, like the harpy Napolitano, can be counted on to simply ignore this, however, to all of our detriment.   The desire to import a new electorate that will vote as told, or as bought, is irresistible for these people.

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