Sunday, April 17, 2011

Scientists are surprised and even a bit concerned about a swarm of earthquakes that have suddenly occurred in an unexpected area of Nevada. In the recent geologic timeframe there has been lots of volcanic activity in this general area, although nothing spectacular within the last few thousand years of human history.

However, not so far away there is the Mammoth area across the border in California, which has a lot of near the surface magma and is constantly experiencing these kind of earthquakes. Hot springs are common in this part of the world as well.

Could this be a hint that a new eruption of some sort is in the works? No one knows, of course, but that is why the local seismologists are keeping an eye on things.

Below is todays map of the activity. The large blue square near the California border is the area in question. Note how much activity that has occurred in the last week.

This is a picture of the general area in question. The view below is about ten miles west and maybe five miles south of Hawthorne. I took this one last fall during our annual trek across the backcountry of Nevada, completely unaware at the time of the impending ferment deep below.

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