Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toys for Christmas have changed over the years, but some of the older toys are every bit as attractive today as they were years ago when they were the latest thing.

This spread of ray guns simply buzzes with awesomeness. Just observe how much fun these are just sitting there, let alone when used to blast your little brother, while making who knows what cool sounds of instant laser beam annihilation. Set my ray gun to "deep fat fry!"

What kid, even today, wouldn't be absolutely delighted to find this under the tree?

The Beatnik Bandit! When I was 8, Hot Wheels were the rage, and my Bandit was lime green. My cousin and I really enjoyed watching its plastic dome slowly melt and collapse one time when we burned it in his parents fireplace. I guess the adults really shouldn't have left us alone in the house with matches while they went who knows where. Good times.

What a cool toy. How many modern kids could even explain what a "jalopy" is nowadays?

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