Saturday, July 1, 2017

Wonder where these all went? It would be amazing if any were still airworthy.


  1. I think that the Confederate Air Force has one at the Chino, CA Airport.

  2. This place,, has a two part posting called "The Twilight of Catapult Aviation" that'll tell you pretty much what you want to know.

  3. OS2U Kingfishers were fixed wing aircraft, OS=Obervation, Scout, 2=second aircraft of the type from U=Vought. OS were supposed to be battleship planes, while SO=Scout, Observation types had folding wings and were supposed to be cruiser planes (folding wings to fit in the cruisers hangars. The failure of Curtiss' Seamew caused the biplane SOC Seagull to soldier (sailor?) on, and many cruisers wound up with fixed-wing Kingfishers for their aviation compliment.
    If you're in North Carolina, visit the battleship in Wilmington. The Kingfisher on her fantail is beautifully restored.
    For an excellent book on the topic: