Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wade Seago shot this 820 pound wild hog 5 yards from his front porch in Samson, Alabama.

Samson resident Wade Seago knew something was up outside of his home last week when the family's pet schnauzer, Cruiser, started barking constantly. The Seagos live on 100 acres in the rural south Alabama town. The property and surrounding area is teeming with wildlife so it's not unusual for their dog to bark at deer, raccoons or other wild visitors.
But this was different. As he was about to get up and check on his dog, his daughter began screaming. "I jumped up to see what was going on," Wade explained. "I looked out the back window and saw nothing, so I ran to the front of the house where my daughter was looking out the window. I couldn't believe what I was seeing."
The dog had a huge wild hog bayed in his front yard, about 5 yards off of the front porch. "Cruiser had this huge hog confused with all of the barking and movement," Wade continued. "It was not a good situation."
Wade was afraid the huge hog would injure or kill the family pet so he grabbed a .38 caliber revolver that he keeps for home defense and went out on the front porch.

It took three shots to take him down. The giant hog hit the ground near the carport. The next day, Wade took the wild hog to Brooks Peanut Company and weighed it on the drive-thru scales. The hog tipped the scales at 820 pounds and had six inch tushes.


  1. I'm surprised the .38 did the trick.

    1. It's all in the bullet placement, but yeah, seems a bit puny for that monstrous beast.

    2. Next we'll read that he butchered it with his pocketknife!

      Seriously- a .38? I've heard that wild hogs are very hard to kill, and that far too often they manage to turn the tables on the hunter. Either he's a crack shot, or he's damned lucky!

  2. Replies
    1. X2...perhaps they meant tusks? No?