Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Need one for the barn


  1. I bought a couple similar spycams. I learned quickly that flying insects buzzing the IR LED will set off the 'alarm', meaning I'd get a couple hundred emails during a summer night. Buying an auto-on IR LED floodlight and mounting it away from the camera fixed that problem pretty quick (burns ~10 watts and lights the yard just fine). Check to ensure the sensitivity setting for the triggers work properly so blowing leaves don't set it off; and also that you can use the privacy filter to screen out areas: walking past the kitchen window at night would trigger our backyard camera until I figured this out.

  2. They're sadly necessary these days.

    When I grew up in Woodland Hills we never locked our door, nor did anyone else I knew. I'd go visit my high school friends & just walk in, say "hi," if anyone was there, and go to my buddy's room just like it was my own home.

    Those days are gone, and won't be back. Isn't diversity wonderful, I ask myself. I don't like the answer myself comes back with.