Saturday, October 29, 2016

Velodog Revolver - Made in Belgium about 1900 for cyclists to shoot biting dogs

5,75mm Velodog five-round cylinder, double action, folding trigger, no loading gate but a sliding cylinder axle.
It’s somewhat uncommon to find a Velodog with an exposed hammer, as these guns were used as pocket revolvers by cyclist to fend off various toothy animals and as such were built not to snag on anything.


  1. When I was a kid, living in the country, dogs used to love to run out and bite at my ankles as I rode past on my bicycle. My grandfather found the solution and bought a .22 derringer. He loaded it with shot shells and handed to me. The dogs learned to leave me alone and it only took one shot a piece (at close range in the butt). The .22 shot shells only had about 5 tiny pellets each, but it was sufficient. There was no need to kill the dog, just to teach it some respect.