Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Uragh Stone Circle, County Kerry, Ireland.

Uragh Stone Circle is a neolithic stone circle near Gleninchaquin Park. Situated near Lough Inchiquin, it consists of five megaliths. The largest stone is ten feet high and the circle is eight feet in diameter. There are two brilliant quartz stones at the south, as well as one off center within the ring. This enormous monolith is at least three metres high and totally dominates the monument. It is set radially to the circle aligned along the NE-SW axis. The circle is a typical five stone circle, all the stones are roughly the same height and tangentially placed. There are two portal stones, two side stones and the axial stone.

From Kenmare take the R571 West towards Ardgroom. After about 13 kilometres take a left turn, signposted Uragh Stone Circle. Follow the road to the very end. Follow the track through the gate.


  1. I never saw the appeal of worshiping at, from, or to a circle of rocks. There is a cultural disconnect with the modern.

    1. There were probably bonfires involved, and mead, and naked virgins...

    2. Oh, in that case, count me in.

    3. And I'm sure in that part of the world, the virgins were fully freckled!