Monday, October 31, 2016

The preference cascade begins...

According to former Jimmy Carter pollster Pat Caddell, Hillary Clinton is hemorrhaging support as a result of the FBI announcement and we could see a repeat of the 1980 election when anti-establishment candidate Ronald Reagan won in a landslide.

Caddell drew comparisons to the 1980 presidential race, which was close right up until the final days before the electorate abandoned Carter and rallied around the anti-establishment candidate, leading to Reagan taking victory in a landslide.
Caddell noted that Carter’s entire campaign had been built around portraying Reagan as unqualified and “dangerous,” in a similar vein to how Clinton has demonized Trump.
Caddell explained that the polling between Reagan and Carter was close up until the final weekend when “the dam broke” and Reagan shot ahead by ten points.
Caddell noted that since Friday, large numbers of voters had been structurally “moving against the status quo – the incumbent who is essentially Hillary Clinton.”
If it were me that was the "status quo," I'd hate to be associated with Hillary, especially if she loses and without the protection of her minions at the Department of Justice, the proverbial dam breaks on all her corruption. 
Definition of a preference cascade:
In short, average people behave the way they think they ought to, even 
though that behavior might not reflect their own personal feelings.  
Given a sufficient "A-HA!" moment when they discover that their personal
 feelings are shared by a large portion of the population their behavior
 may change dramatically.  An example of this is the British colonists 
before and after publication of Thomas Paine's Common Sense.  A 
year before the Declaration of Independence, America was full of 
patriotic British convinced that things could be worked out with King 
George, but on July 4, 1776 the colonies were full of Americans 
determined that they needed independence.  

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  1. Hope so. Still a little worried about the voter fraud