Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tea Flights at Steven Smith Teamaker in Portland, Oregon

The daughters love tea, so while we were in Portland we stopped by Steven Smith Teamaker and engaged their services to taste what they term a "tea flight," or sample of teas.

Personally, I preferred the Portland Breakfast tea, even though Mrs. CW teased me that it was "almost as good as Lipton!"

I ended up getting a couple of ounces of Silver Needle, however, and I'll see if I can mess with its flavor and presentation by steeping it for different time periods over the winter.  I'm no scientist, but I can play one on the internet!

The daughters having a great time sipping tea samples.

The presentation was very professional, and the tea master there was happy to answer our questions.  I'm not into tea as much as I'm into Scotch, for example, but I had a lot of fun anyway and the daughters and wife really enjoyed the experience.  It's something a bit out of the ordinary that I can recommend to anyone who finds themselves in town.


  1. That's pretty cool. I was never a big tea drinker back in my younger days with the exception of ice tea or hot tea when I had a really bad cold. To me tea was tea. Then one day when I was visiting my mother she was having a cup and it smelled really good. Turned out to be Earl Grey. I tried some and really liked it. Mothers being mothers, she started buying me tea assortments for Christmas and I got to experience the nuances of many different varieties. Some are great and some suck. To me Oolong tastes like dirt. Darjeeling. Meh. I hate green teas. Too weak if they are made the proper way. If they are prepared strong the way I like tea it tastes like grass. Now Assam Black, that's a man's tea. A lot of the English and Irish blends are great, but my favorite is straight Ceylon Orange Peco. I can make it as potent as I want, but it's never bitter. It also makes the greatest ice tea in the world. Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those tea swilling, pinkie in the air, girly men. I still get up and have two cups of coffee and five cigarettes for breakfast and hunt and fish and do manly stuff, but there's nothing like a good cup of tea on a cold afternoon.....................