Sunday, October 16, 2016

SAS hero kills an ISIS scum with a tomahawk.

Always a handy weapon to have at your side.  

The task force were helicoptered in to the town to take out brutal ISIS fighters carrying out  atrocities on women, assisted by aerial drones.
Kiss this ISIS swine.

The joint US and British team mounted a two hour attack on the Syrian territory, with American soldiers killing ten ISIS fighters in one swoop and a drone destroying a truck loaded with jihadi gunmen trying to make a getaway.
After storming the town using automatic grenades launchers, the SAS team tried to free the group of women being held hostage.
But one heroic trooper, who fought in both Afghanistan and Iraq, found his gun jammed when he attempted to kill one of the ISIS men.
As he moved through a house attempting to find the women, ISIS fighters opened fire on him, and the unnamed hero had to resort to using an axe to defend himself when his piece of shit battle rifle jammed.  Sometimes the simpler weapon is better.
With a jihadi launching himself at the trooper, the SAS man picked up an axe and hit him over the head with it killing him instantaneously.  Too bad there isn't GoPro video of that. - instant classic!

Git yers now



    Ahhhhh. It's nice to see a soldier taking the head off the mudflaps for a change.

    As for you, CW - I hate to pick the fly chit out of the pepper but I believe that when they have that spike opposite the blade - they are referred to as 'Spontoons'.


    1. I guess that means that you can tag a bad guy with either end! More gooder!