Friday, October 21, 2016

Running around in Portland Oregon this weekend

Lots and lots of great eateries.  Today's winner: Olympic Provisions

We had a fantastic food and a great time.  It's in an industrial district that adds that certain something in ambiance.  Don't miss it if you are in town.


  1. Awesome looking fare! Too bad it's in Portland. Been there three times in ten years. The first time to the Stroke ward at OHSU via helicopter. Released the next day. The second to grab a VW Westfalia after searching for two years, and the third to see my daughter graduate from PSU.

    1. Just got back home after an epic 10 hour drive. Had more fun there than is sounds like you did Sarthurk.

  2. I'm thinking, "Road trip!!!"
    But I think I can delay until I have other, more specific, reasons to head north.
    Waffle joints looked interesting, too.