Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Oh my yes, let's go do some fall fly fishing.


  1. Okay, I'm in. My favorite time of year to be out on the stream. I'm a worm dunker, though...........................

    1. No problem. You'll catch more fish that way - truth!

  2. Down here in South Texas, I'll be stringing up my 8wt with some shrimp imitation flies and going out looking for redfish. Hooked up a 26" tasty treat two weeks ago on traditional tackle, now looking for redfish pods with my fly line and my canoe.

  3. in august I spent a week up on rock creek in Montana. Best fly fishing I've ever experienced. Lots of big browns & cuts taking lots of dry flys. If you can get there I highly recommend it.


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  5. Salmon season here on the OR coast. Big storm coming. Live on the upper bay. lots of fish jumping all of a sudden in the last week. After this storm, it might be prime for a big run up the bay. Fly rod might be fun, but I'd rather hook something I could take home and eat, and, I might not be able to get a fly past a protected coho to get a Chinook anyway, so, troll gear. What I caught last year barely paid for the license, let alone the dragging the boat to the launch, and spending $$ on gas to run around in it. Not bad. 14 ft. skiff , but hey.