Saturday, October 1, 2016

Breakfast blogging

First, I don't eat this way most of the time.

Second, I wish I did though.

This is a can of corned beef hash (Hormel), hamburger ( 1 dollar off at Raleys!), two beautiful red bell peppers from the garden, as well as five assorted tomatoes, properly smashed into goo, and some green salsa. Cook the burger in the skillet, add the hash, veggies, and salsa, stir until hot.  Grate cheese, and top it with the cheddar. 

For some reason, the red bell peppers this year have been fantastic.  Can't eat them fast enough. Go figure.  


  1. Our bell peppers didn't do well at all here in NC because we had very little rain.

  2. I ate enough Hormel Corn Beef Hash and Spam in my growing up years (the 50's) to last a life time. Heck, even the C-Rat "Beans & M-Fers" the Marine Corp fed me in the 1960's was a better option.

  3. I am a bit envious when you report on your bumper crop of red peppers, the squirrels got into my garden this year and ate 43 of the 45 plants that I had planted. The just chomped off the plant stem. The positive side is, there are 10 less rodents that I have to deal with next time. Kevin

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