Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Believe me, if Hillary is president, this will be just the beginning.

Via Curmudgeonly and Skeptical 


  1. Hillary has hinted at appointing Barack to the Supreme Court so that he could keep his stamp on the nation continually.

  2. Oh, Dear Lord! PLEASE NO!!!!
    This is worse than the rumors of his aspirations to be the UN Secretary General. Thanks for adding to the nightmare that is this election cycle...

  3. Affordable my ass. I currently pay $3,340 per month for insurance. For those who can't add, that's $40K per year. That's it, there are no other reasonable choices. That's up from $16K per year just 5 years ago. For those who don't yet get this, that one expense, insurance, is more than my annual take home income just a few years ago.