Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A visit from the Trash Pandas

The dogs were going nuts just now, and Mrs. CW suddenly said that they had something treed in the back yard.  Sure enough, I wandered out to the little olive growing on the back acre, and there they were - four cute pandas all stuck in the tree.

Tail end Charlie was the only one who would look at me.

Mrs. CW and I had a nice one sided conversation with the pandas, after which she retired to the house with the dogs, and I retired to the Cave for a smoke.

About 15 minutes later, Mrs. CW saw one high tailing it (literally, in this case) across the back and toward the neighbor's vineyard.  

There had been the occasional act of mischief in the yard this fall, which I blamed on the dogs or even the cats.  Now I think the domestic animals were quite innocent, and the pandas were the real culprits.  I have apologized.

1 comment:

  1. Trash pandas wear masks for a reason. They're evil and up to no good. Use the Mini-14 and snipe them. Tell Mrs. CW that it's important to eliminate the threat.