Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Well, well, well. Imagine that, voter fraud.

Federal sources confirm to KING 5 that Cetin was not a U.S. citizen, meaning legally he cannot vote. However, state records show Cetin registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the May presidential primary.
It turns out that the lack of a legal requirement for identification is at fault.
"While voters must attest to citizenship upon registering online or registering to vote at the Department of Licensing Office, Washington state doesn't require proof of citizenship. Therefore elections officials say the state's elections system operates, more or less, under an honor system."
"We don’t have a provision in state law that allows us either county elections officials or the Secretary of State's office to verify someone’s citizenship," explained Secretary of State Kim Wyman. "So, we’re in this place where we want to make sure we’re maintaining people’s confidence in the elections and the integrity of the process, but also that we’re giving this individual, like we would any voter, his due process."
How about our rights as citizens not to have our rightful voiced cancelled by this kind of fraud, Mrs. Wyman?  Until the Democrats are expelled from political power, this will simply continue, as they benefit from it. Disgraceful.


  1. Rampant voter fraud helps keep the Dems in office. It's why they don't want a wall between the US and Mexico.

  2. Because voter ID laws are racist.

  3. It's an honor system... to weed out people with no honor. Yah, that'll work well.