Saturday, September 24, 2016

The original Articles of Confederation of the United States included a provision to admit Canada, if it asked nicely.

Article 11: If "Canada" (as the British-held Province of Quebec was also known) accedes to this confederation, it will be admitted.

The Articles of Confederation was superseded by the Constitution we know today in 1789, but no such provision followed into the new document.  I wonder why?  I wonder what efforts were made to induce Canada to join?


  1. I think that it had something with encouraging a second war with Britain that came in 1812 - anyway.

  2. We would have been better off under the Articles. The current constitution is the result of a coup by men who were just supposed to "tweak" the original Articles. They replaced the AoC with a blueprint for a powerful central government. The Anti Federalists were right.