Sunday, September 25, 2016

Tank Hit by ATGM Results in Epic Cook Off

One guy, at least, got out alive.


  1. Soviet era crap had that tendency. Based on my present understanding, the Russians have fixed some of the ammo storage issues.

    But it is spectacular.

  2. This one took two grenades, but it's also epic.

    Aside from all the gratuitous aloha snackbars, the regular people, for lack of a better term, seem well composed.

  3. Cannon round propellants, paint, rubber/plastic insulated wiring, coax mg ammo. Old style hydraulic fluids ('cherry fluid'), oils, grease... lots of stuff to burn in M-48/M-60 series tanks, as any cold war tanker could tell you. Toss in the M551 Sheridan, with it's added aluminum armor, and Shilleigh missiles....

  4. No one got out "alive". It was a towed target on a gunnery test range. No one was in it "alive". You can tell because it continues traveling at the same constant speed after being hit and you can see a marker on the tow line moving at a constant distance from the target.. Definitely not an M-1. But not enough detail to tell what it is. The US military used a lot of M-48 and M-60 tanks for targets (because we had so many of them). But this looks too low profile to be either of those.

    1. Looks like someone bails out the top at about .27, plus, seems like a lot of cook off for a target shell.