Sunday, September 11, 2016

Streaking toward the ground

A rare daytime meteor is seen in North Carolina. That had to be really bright to be seen in broad daylight.

Another dusty stone falls toward the ground, in an unexpected way.  Kaine and Unable, indeed.

Isn't it amazing that this video was not from our press, but from a twitter user who happened to be nearby.  Meanwhile, the so called press was penned up like a herd of cattle, and did not see the penultimate event of today's proceedings.

And, it took private hackers to reveal the scope and extent of Hillary's email scandal.  If we had left this to the formal press, it would never have come to light.

It seem that we always must go to informal or foreign sources to get the real news these days.

When this election is over, and Hillary is gone, we will still have this useless, biased, and totally controlled press to feed us misinformation and lies.   A big, big problem for our republic.

I've been looking for a place to use this picture, and this appears to be the right post for it.


  1. Hillary can not pass a civil service physical.


    She should not be president.

  2. She cannot remember security procedures, either...

  3. XCELLENT commentary on the
    “pneumonia” schtick I mention above:


    Pneumonia is prevalent in those with Parkinson’s Disease.
    Actor Bob Hoskins “died of pneumonia” via his Parkinson’s….