Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mud test. AR15 vs. AK 47 Fun.


  1. Anybody who carried an Armalite/M-16/M-4 in combat over any period of time understands that the weapon needs attention. The test makes no sense from a combat perspective despite that he wears an OD green bandana and a camp jacket. I didn't see him remove the magazine and pour in mud and then insert it and try and operate the rifle.

  2. I don't own an AR. I don't shoot an AR. I don't want an AR. If given a choice between a new condition 1903 and ANY Stoner rifle I'd carry the 03. AR -15's suck.---Ray

  3. The AK-47's great advantage is that it runs fine without any maintenance, and even stone-age savages can use it to deadly effect. They're common in hell-holes around the world.

    The AR is a fun gun with lots of doo-dads & mods, it'll make lots of little holes in paper targets, you can get pink "hello kitty" guns that don't scare the civilians... but you can't depend on it when your ass is on the line. Sadly.

  4. There is no cure against mythology. There are some simple facts:

    1. Two things cannot exist in the same space at the same time. If there is mud in the chamber, there cannot also be a cartridge there. If there is mud in the chamber locking mechanism, the chamber locking mechanism will not be able to close. This is true for all machines. Thus, dumping mud on a closed chamber proves nothing.
    2. Combat data from around the world shows the AK series of guns is every bit as unreliable as any other communist produced machinery. Their reputation for reliability is totally undeserved. It is very popular with savages because they use it to shoot people at less than 50 yards and it is cheap. Further, they mostly use it to shoot people who don't shoot back.
    3. Long term studies by the US Army on Rifle reliability have shown over and over again that the AR-15 based rifle is VERY reliable. It does not need dental tool cleaning. It doesn't even need regular cleaning. The whole point of cleaning it is to prevent rust and to prevent stuff being in the chamber that would get in the way of Cartridges being there. It does need oil and it does need magazines that aren't bent to shit. The M4 series of guns used by the Army today are greatly improved versions of that original design.
    4. The AR type of weapon has over 50 years of real world in service field data of killing people dead. Killing LOTS of people. It is absurd to continue to talk about it as if it is an unproven "new idea". It is further beyond stupid to think that the brass in the military wouldn't buy a better rifle in a heartbeat if we could. We already replace rifles every couple of years anyway just from wearing out. If the US Army could get a better rifle, we would. If the AK were all that and a bag of chips, we would have copied it decades ago and put some fancy USA brand logo on it.

    But go ahead and keep telling the myth.

  5. Given the choice of rifles on the battlefield, the SEALs kept the M-14 (though modified) and the Colt Model 1911A1 through the end of the last century. They also used the S&W686 revolver. They cut down the M-60 as well. To be fair they did use the M-16/M-4 as well, but the preference ran to the M-14 because of the utility of the rifle and the cartridge.

    As the US Military's choices of weapons ebbed and flowed, those who stood outside of the mainstream acquisition programs and had the option of selecting what worked best - made those decisions. For what it's worth.

  6. Funny LL! My personal choices are the M-1 Garand, The S&W 66 and the 1911A1. My shotgun is the 870. I carried the issue M16A1 and later the A2 and hated both, when I was in the Army. They sucked. I have owned Colt HBAR AR-15's. They sucked. I like AK's and SKS's. If you keep them clean they run great. Until recently you couldn't get an M14 clone with a drop forged receiver so I don't own one yet. I don't want anything in plastic , alloy , striker fired, or quad railed. Gun fads and tacticool fanboys suck. My only "optic" is mounted on my 30:06 "banner Mauser" deer rifle. Its not a 40X sniper scope. If Bambi is that far away I'll wait for a better shot. Mr. "Mythology": Thank you for sharing your religion. I'm certain the great god AR and his profit Stoner will bless you with many dead rag heads and the latest "cool" cammo.---Ray