Friday, September 23, 2016

Incredible Footage: Heavy Weather Tow Of Russian Aircraft Carrier in Bay of Biscay November 10, 2015


  1. I guess you need an ice breaker of that size to take an aircraft carrier in tow...but in those seas? What sort of cable strength do you need to keep it from parting?

    My best guess is that they were just trying to keep the carrier's bow into the wind/waves. You can do that with a sea anchor...but what size of a sea anchor would you need with a carrier?

  2. So pulse pounding and upbeat you tend to miss the big point. Their flagship the Admiral Kuznetsov broke down yet again on the high seas. In wartime that can be inconvenient.

  3. None of the Russian aircraft carriers can sail from the dock without a substantial "recovery plan" in place and sailing in attendance. The Moskva (which I think has been renamed - maybe sold to India or China) was particularly problematic. The Russians thought that they could fix things by putting an aircraft carrier on a cruiser (such as a Slava) hull. But it hasn't worked out for them.