Friday, September 16, 2016

I suspect it's not "American soldiers" who did this, but who cares, whoever did it is trolling the ISIS boys masterfully.

The flag still means something to those people.  Colin Kaepernick take notice.


  1. the real story is that they were taking friendly fire from their kurdish buddies so they had to show their positions. why the kurds stick by us i have no idea, kinda like the montenards in nam. i glad they do though.

  2. How can we be sure it wasn't the BLM who raised those flags?

    (Answer: the flags weren't burning.)

  3. Actual American military members are not allowed to raise the flag to denote "taken" territory. Remember when they pulled down Saddam's statue in Baghdad? For about 90 seconds, a soldier raised our flag at the top, just long enough for his buddies to take pics. Then he pulled it down and scooted away like he was afraid of being identified.

    Most like it was unauthorized foreign civilians fighting on behalf of the Kurds. We lost three of them recently in Syria.