Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Open Road


  1. The kayaks with the camp on the shingle (photo 1) and that cool motorcycle with sidecar and tent looks interesting.

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  3. Chopper in the water. Looks just like a Dave Mann painting!

  4. Guy on the Jeep with the mud-stripe up his back-

    I had a friend at UNM back in '65, a guy we called Terrible Turk. He bought a used '42 WLA Harley; he'd never ridden a bike before. First thing he did was remove the front & back mudguards, 'cause "they look funny." Appearance was everything to the Turk, he didn't care how it worked, only what it looked like.

    Imagine his surprise when it rained. He never saw it coming! Back in those days no helmet was required, so he was wearing mud from his waist to the top of his head. Funniest thing I ever saw! He would've had it on his front, too, if the motor hadn't got in the way.

    Still, he wouldn't put those mudguards back on. Gotta look the part!

    1. Turk knew what he liked, and liked what he knew.