Saturday, September 10, 2016

F35A displays weapons


  1. As retired USAF I can confirm the F35 is a POS. There are older airframes that work better.

  2. I agree with Tony. The F22 is a better fighter, proven in combat(what little it has seen), and is a hell of a lot cheaper to build and maintain.

  3. Not nearly as impressive to me as a Warthog - and you can buy four or five hawgs for the price of one F-35. The USAF generals love the F-35 because it's expensive. And when it comes to the F-22's, they work great when they do, but there is a LOT of down time. They are not reliable aircraft.

    1. The big complaint about the hog is that it is old and expensive to maintain, and that against a peer or near peer opponent it will immediately be blown out of the sky. However, even if true, is it more expensive to maintain than the F35, and could it be updated or redesigned to survive a modern battlefield more inexpensively than an entirely new and so far less capable jet?

  4. Another political boondoggle...