Sunday, September 18, 2016

Aspen survey, September 19th: Carson, Monitor and Simee Dimeh passes

So, I swear one of these years I'm taking time off work when the aspen are at their peak, and just wander among them, exploring, fishing, photographing.  It's still a bit early, but Mrs. CW and I hit the road in the Black Beast and headed over Carson, then Monitor, and finally in Nevada, Simee Dimeh passes to take a peek at what the aspen were doing.

Final calculation: about 95% still green.

Above, a small patch of yellow just east of Red Lake.

Elephant's Back and Round Top near Carson Pass

Further down the road, Monitor Pass.  There are literally oceans of aspen here, but few are turning yet.

Looking west from Monitor Pass.  Obviously not a whole lot of traffic up there today.

Slinkard Valley on the right, Antelope Valley on the left.

The best patch found was this one, just before Sorensen's Resort, near Pickett's Junction. 

Clearly, at least two more weeks to go, probably more unless we get a sudden cold spell. Nevertheless, it was a fun drive with the wife. The truck just keeps rolling along, which makes me smile.


  1. Great post. Looking forward to more of this kind of post.

  2. Thanks for the photos, I check a trail cam of a place in the Colorado high country and the quakies there are still green.

  3. I always looked forward to when they turned. The only trouble I had with them was when I used to go turkey hunting. Any little breeze would set up quite a clatter and you couldn't tell what was going on around you. A gobbler or anything else could pass right behind you and you'd never hear it coming........

  4. So pretty! Just can't wait until ALL the maple trees turn here.

  5. So picturesque dad!