Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A stocking stuffer for Christmas

And it's not expensive.  Crazy fun, but you'll annoy the neighbors.


  1. Everyone needs an air raid siren. I think that I'll give them to my grandchildren for Christmas....

  2. 12 Volts and loud...perfect.

    At 74 years old my hearing isn't good at all. Many times when I make a "shallow" turn in my car the signal doesn't shut off and I "unintentionally" cause people to be mad at me. So I'll get one of these, have my mechanic wire it to the signal "clicker" circuit and problem solved!

  3. Back when this was a free country, I had a friend with a VW bug. He got cut off in traffic pretty often; so he installed an air compressor tank in the back seat so that he could run a truck's air horn.

    Traffic got out of his way after that! (Sounded more like a freight train to me, but it sure was loud!) Those were the days, and I sure miss 'em.