Monday, September 26, 2016

A classic. Leave it just the way it is.


  1. Could be mistaken but neither one has original seats. Still what fun to have one.

  2. I vote for a ground up restoration, followed by a relocation to a military museum with light duty in veterans parades at national holidays. That thing is a national treasure and an artifact.

    I hate it as much as any of you - but if you are going into the pea patch, today's modern 4x4's are a way better bet.

  3. Got 3, love those little bastards. They make me happy

  4. Way back around 1960 I found an ad for 4 Jeeps, disassembled. Packed in a crate by the military for re-assembly on the battlefield, or some such. The cost was $250 (a lot of money for high school guys in those days.)

    Talked to my Navy dad; he reckoned it was probably a good deal, but that my mother would never go along with the plan. Which she confirmed, with emphasis. Sigh.

    I still wish I'd gone & got them anyway!